Thursday, October 12, 2017

Misu introduces 'The Misu Ninja Meal' for the Pan Asian food lovers!

Misu (Mizu) in Japanese means Water. You must be wondering what I have to do with this Japanese term. For Japanese people, it’s water and for Bengalureans, Misu is a beautiful restaurant with fairly authentic Pan Asian food. Located in one of the prime locations- St.Mark’s Road, Misu can’t be easily missed in your Google map. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, this is kind of restaurant you would love to spend time, enjoying a Pan Asian meal and the lovely ambiance.

The first thing you would notice in this chic and cozy restaurant will be the artistic creations all around. For Instagrammers, there are perfect spots and interesting props you could use for your photos. I love the hues of Grey and Maroon shades they have used in the décor. Wall art by Samantha King will surely grab your attention.

A fortnight ago I was at Misu for lunch with few friends to try the newly launched ‘The Misu Ninja Meal’. Ninja meal which is fit for warriors and here the warriors are Corporate people :P With an attractive pricing, you can try an assortment of dishes from their Ninja menu.

For ‘welcome drink’ I tried a hot cup of Bandrek which is an Indonesian drink made of lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, jaggery, star anise and coconut milk. The warm flavor of the drink was refreshing and much need for this changing weather.

You will see a lot of vegetarian dishes from my pics. Thanks to my bro, Neel who was planning to keep Navratri fasting and ended up ordering vegetarian dishes for me as well. We tried the Tom Kha Soup (Veg), Green Mango Salad, Crispy Fried Wonton, Moonshine Dumpling, Spicy Tofu avocado Maki (on special request, we got the beef version as well). The accompaniments given were Vietnamese dip, Black bean sauce, pickled cucumber & carrot, and Shanghai Dim sum chili paste. By the time we finished the appetizers, Neel’s ‘fasting gaye thel lene’. His fasting plan was completely screwed up after having the scrumptious food at Misu. We were bit disappointed when Tom Yum Soup was served without Prawns.

With TV shows and online channels, people really don’t need to travel to know about food or cuisine, but to experience the flavors one must visit different places. Curries like Thai Green/Red curry or Krapow Chicken with Jasmine rice are popular in most of the upscale restaurants; same with Misu. In addition to the above dishes, some of our favorites were Thai Wok fried rice and Spicy Chilli Basil Noodles from the main course menu.

Next one was a much-awaited session – Desserts. I was dying to have their Lemongrass Ice cream Sandwich after seeing a couple of Instagram pics and luckily this was available on the Ninja menu. Lemongrass ice cream sandwiched between spongecake was mess-free eating than I thought. Japanese Souffle Cheesecake is for the people who love every bit of baked cheesecake.

PS:Drinks were not part of the Ninja Meal menu
Overall The Misu Ninja meal is good option for an exotic meal on a busy working day (Monday – Thursday). Their menu is simple, so customers won’t get confused or waste time while placing the order. The Misu Ninja meal is priced at 777 (Veg) and 888 (Non veg)- excluding taxes.
Level 4, 
9 Halcyon Complex,
St. Mark's Road
For table bookings, contact - +919686992071

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