Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A weekend family outing at Flechazo, ORR, Bengaluru!

Never judge a restaurant before visiting that place. I don’t know why on earth I was thinking Flechazo is another fancy buffet place with some entertainment sections for kids. Maybe I came to this conclusion after seeing some pics of kids making pizza with the help of Chef. Flechazo located at Marathahalli was on my list for quite some time as it’s very close to where I live. Recently my friend and I, along with our respective hubbies visited Flechazo. Our booking was done for a Sunday afternoon which apparently was a festival day, Holi. I expected a peaceful lunch with almost an empty restaurant on a festival day afternoon but the shock of my life came right in front of the reception where people patiently was asking for a table. As my table was pre-booked, I didn’t go through the waiting period.

The colorful ambiance, funny posters, bright lamps and well-decorated tables will be the first thing to notice. We spent so much time there and there were no staring eyes indirectly asking to leave the place. The restaurant was jam-packed and still, staffs were so attentive and polite.

We came to know from the manager that weekdays the restaurant will be full with the corporate crowd and weekends it will be families, as this place is famed for their kids friendly atmosphere. They believe in MediterrAsian cuisine (Mediterranean and Asian both), so you have an option to choose from wide variety of dishes in that category.

We started off with some cocktails –
A juicy scandal- I’m not a fan of rum, but ordered this by seeing the paan flavor mentioned in the menu. This drink was a fine choice.
Herb lemonade (lime, thyme, parsley, basil and pineapple juice) – Ordered this refreshing drink at the end of my meal hoping to burn some calories.
Wild Ginger Smash – My hubby’s whiskey love made him order this whiskey cocktail. It was strong and good.
Mai Tai – The classic drink which my friend ordered.

There were 6-7 varieties of starters each in veg and non-veg menu. I limited my veg options and concentrated more on the non-vegetarian dishes like Multani Chicken, Grilled Cilantro Fish, Chicken Shawarma, Prawns in Soya Garlic Chili etc. I couldn’t completely ignore my favorite Cajun Potato and Grilled Pineapple. The delightful starters along with three accompaniments just vanished from my plate in few seconds.

They have live stations for Pizza and Pasta, chaats, Liquid nitrogen infused ice creams and Jalebi. For short-eats, you can just pick veg and non-veg Sushi, Pani puri, Watermelon with cheese, canapés or dim sums from the ‘Food shots’ counter. We first went to the pizza station where my friend Nishita joined Chef and made a good Four farms pizza for us. We also ordered a Cajun Shrimp exotica pizza which was extremely tempting and tasty.

I usually avoid soups at buffet places. The reason is simple -I like appetizers and desserts mostly. The soups section was very inviting. I couldn’t resist myself and ended up tasting the Lemon- coriander soup. I picked up a piece of Lavash from the bread counter to have with the soup.

By now there was no space for main course or desserts but we decided to stuff ourselves as next thing to do on a late Sunday afternoon was sleeping. I had a small portion of veg dum biryani with Kashmiri Gosht, Dum ka Murgh, Beetroot salad, raitha and pappad. My choices were great indeed.

Dessert counter was so colorful and there was enough selection of desserts to please any palate. The piping hot Jilebi (Jalebi) was interesting with rabdi. Macaroons, Liquid nitrogen infused coconut-mango ice cream and Strawberry Swiss roll could’ve been better.

Overall I loved this place and this will be in my buffet place list. A meal for two would be ₹1200 (approximately). They also have a valet parking.

1st Floor, Above Surya Nissan,
VRR Orchid, Doddanekundi
Marathahalli, Bangalore
For more information and bookings, contact - 080 45128758

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